Escorts in London asks why is this bitch always phoning my man


The escorts in London has this issue of a woman who keeps on calling his man on phone. She do a lot of investigation to know the reasons behind why this bitch as she call it love to talk his man on the phone. She share it with his clients and these are some information that she gets from her research.

  • Maybe that woman is his Ex. She may be in sane in keeping your boyfriends back into her. Try to figure out things by making yourself that woman behind that phone call and you are the Ex-girlfriend. Now, after the break up you’ve realized that you still love him and you have to look for alternatives to win his back. After your thorough research you have figured out that making him a phone is a great act of telling him that you would like to connect with him again. Now you always find ways to talk to him even if you know he has already a girlfriend. An after doing it consistently you’ve noticed that the man gives you time to talk with him and open some possibilities that you think he would like to be with you also. No it is the time for you to level up your motives that is calling him in a conversation full of silliness and hotness. You try some gestures of seducing using your own voice. You turn out to become horny, hot and wanted some intimate encounter with by phone. With that the man next on the line feels so much eagerness to talk to you and even wanted to see you in order to do the imaginary things you’ve created during the conversation. After knowing all that are you still asking why that woman keep on calling your boyfriend maybe because your boyfriend can’t get over with that woman. Always remember that you have to think first before you let bad things out from your mouth.
  • Maybe this woman is a friend of your man in which he finds so much comfort in talking to him in which you could not give to him due to your busy schedule. You know what as a partner you should also learn to understand the needs of your partner. It doesn’t mean that you provide him with what he needs for you that is all enough. But you have to remember that providing is different from satisfying. When you give the needs of your partner make it sure you satisfy him in order for him not to look for others to satisfy him with it. You as his partner is obliged to do that because you are his partner. So why not try to check yourself out on things that you think made him keep on talking to that bitch girl. Did you ask yourself of how often you’ve talk without arguments just being the two of you chill in the corner talking about life? So if you figured it out that you lack that time for each other then try to reach out on him. Talk to him instead of getting mad with the woman on the phone.

London escort girl is so lucky with his clients such kind of idea knowing that they are her clients in an escort. This is one of the privilege that they get of being an escorts. The chance of getting to know people and gather information which they rarely find into their common friends. This men are straight forward when it comes to situations in the world. This is because these type of people evolve in different kinds of situations. They are too open when it comes to things happen that way.

So London escort personality were able to realize important things after she gathers information from her clients. Now London escort girl enjoys her life with his man by doing her part a great partner that provides total satisfaction with her man. Now they are into the other level of their relationship and that is getting into marriage. The happiness of satisfaction bring so much love and happiness to evry couple all over the world.